1. Whatís the price for spraying (rubbering) a car, rims, or other vehicle parts?

The price always depends on the vehicleís and Plasti DIPís (liquid rubberís) color; there is a price difference between black matte and, for example, BLAZE (neon) green, as well as the vehicleís or sprayed surfaceís size (including the rim size).

2. Is Plasti DIP resistant to solar radiation influences?

Yes, Plasti DIP is resistant to temperatures from - 34 įC to 93 įC, meaning sunlight and temperature influences in normal traffic. In addition, the sun doesnít bleach the color from Plasti DIP like with common paint or foil.

3. Is it possible to apply Plasti DIP to car bodies with imperfections, such as cracked and peeling paint or rust?

Yes, itís possible, although itís ideal to repair the imperfections first and then apply Plasti DIP, so it wonít peel in the damaged area. A clean and washed surface is one of the main principles of Plasti DIPís application. If this is not observed, Plasti DIP may not stick to the surface and start peeling. This may also happen in the case of untreated rust and peeled paint.

4. How about Plasti DIPís spray application?

Based on our experience with the Plasti DIP spray, we recommend using it only for repairs, since with spray you donít have the option of mixing your own color and thinner ratio, depending on what material the product is applied to.

5. How long is the Plasti DIPís durability and warranty?

The producer determines the Plasti DIPís durability from 7 to 10 years. We give a standard warranty for 2 years, provided that all conditions of Plasti DIPís care are observed: Plasti DIPís washing with clean water without chemicals (also using a WAP); wiping with synthetic chamois or sponge; and avoiding car shampoos and cosmetics designed for car paint.

6. How long does Plasti DIPís application last?

This varies and of course depends on the sprayed surfaceís size. However, Plasti DIPís application on the entire vehicle takes about one business day, while the vehicle stays here for 2 days in total, since Plasti DIP has to dry for at least 4 hours.